Astrid the Unstoppable

We got about 30cm of snow and we’re so very happy about it! All the snow and snow fun makes me think of one of our favourite characters and novels, Astrid the Unstoppable by Maria Parr. I have spoken before about how much my daughter and I love Maria Parr’s books. With the snow and the ski season here, winter is a perfect season to read Astrid the Unstoppable…again;)

Here is the book in English and French (click on the images to learn more about them; it has also been translated into many other languages from the original Norwegian):

When my daughter was seven she did a character study of Astrid in French (with help from her French tutor). Oh, I love Astrid! I would add that she is also funny, loyal, lovable and human (perfectly imperfect).

Then her French tutor had her write her own little chapter starring Astrid:

You can read more about Maria Parr, one of our favourite authors, here. Or click here to visit the book database with her other titles that we love.

Sometimes a book and a character are so good you just want to hang out with them some more and more! That’s the way I feel about my daughter too – she’s great company. Here are some clips of her channeling some Astrid energy:

Happy reading,