Our Favourite Science Novel Series: Zoey & Sassafras

The Zoey and Sassafras series, written by Asia Citro and illustrated by Marion Lindsay, is our favourite science novel series. The books are equal parts science and magic. There is a lot of scientific learning in them, but they read like fun magic-filled books. I began to read these to my daughter when she was three and now (in 2nd grade) she reads them to herself. I would say they are great stories for ages 3-12, and are in the gr.2-3 independent reading range.

The main character, Zoey, and her mom use science and research to help the magical creatures that show up at their barn door. Sassafras is their loveable and funny cat who adds lots of smiles and giggles. Each book deals with a scientific concept, demonstrates the scientific method and the importance of only changing one variable at a time…as well as a magical creature!

So far there are 8 books (and a 9th coming out in October 2021-can’t wait!):

It is also not lost on me that the main character/scientist is a girl, a person of colour, and from a biracial family because a diversity of representation matters!

The Zoey & Sassafras webpage has lots of worksheets and activity pairings to go with the books.

We’ve actually been Asia Citro’s fans since her earlier publications: The Curious Kid’s Science Book. 100+ Creative Hands-on Activities for Ages 4-8 and 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids. She also has her own website: asiacitro.com

Thank-you Asia Citro! Kate