Chocolat Contre les Détraqueurs

You never know what ripples a little act of kindness and humanity can help create. It has been a tough year for teachers of this I am certain. Even in the best of times, teaching is a challenging and emotional job. When I was a paid educator of many students sometimes all I needed was for a student to look at me and say thank you. Such a little, but touching interaction, would lift me up and help me carry on. So to all the teachers out there, in person, virtually, and at home: Je te levé mon chapeau très haut!

We wanted to send a little something to my daughter’s French tutor, who loves chocolate and books. We bought a chocolate bar and my daughter designed a Harry Potter Chocolat Contre les Détraqueurs wrapper for it.

I printed it on glossy paper (for our inkjet printer) so that it looked more like a real chocolate bar wrapper. It would make a nice little surprise for any Harry Potter and chocolate fans.

We paired this activity with a discussion on spreading kindness and beauty, and a discussion about emotional intelligence, well-being, and mental health.

Here are a couple of nice books about spreading kindness and beauty (click on the book images to read about them):

If you go to the book database and search by keyword “emotional intelligence” you will find a bunch of picture books on the topic.

Wishing you all health and happiness, and thank you to all the teachers out there!