The Strangest Thing in the Sea. And Other Curious Creatures of the Deep

By: Rachel Poliquin, 

Age: 2+  | Published by: Kids Can Press

ISBN: 9781771389181

A wonderfully weird book about the strangest creatures in the sea. A feathery tutu dancing through the water? A tiptoeing rock wearing a wig? Not everything is as it seems in this fascinating exploration of bizarre sea animals. Each creature is introduced with intriguing art and text, and the question, “Am I the strangest thing in the sea?” Open the gatefold, and the actual creature in its habitat and a full description appear, along with the answer: No, it’s not the strangest thing in the sea. That is, until the last creature, which is the strangest. But what could it be? What’s cooler than bizarre things that are real? Kids will want to dive right in!

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