The Quest for the Magical Ingredients

By: Kate Ballantyne,  Sophie Ballantyne-Anderson, 

Age: 4+  | Published by: Kate Ballantyne ISBN Canada

ISBN: 9781778163708

As the season turns to fall, a discord takes hold of Shimmer Leaf Forest. Rosebud and Chicory, the two chipmunks who run the Chipmunk Café at the heart of the forest, realize the situation calls for one of their Great-Grandma Elderberry’s special, only-use-if-necessary, recipes. And they find just the right one—the Recipe for Forest Harmony! But it calls for three ingredients that only exist in the magical realms beyond Shimmer Leaf Forest.

They need some help. They need to—CALL THE MAGICS!!

The Magics, seven animals from the magical realms, arrive to join the chipmunks on the quest for the magical ingredients. Together they embark on a journey full of magic, beauty, adventure, and obstacles.

adventure,  Chapter Book,  chapter book with some colour illustrations,  courage,  fantasy,  forest,  forest animals,  friendship,  love of home,  magic,  nature,  quest,  recipe,  strength in diversity,  teamwork,