The Inca Empire

By: Sandra Newman, 

Age: 6+  | Published by: Scholastic

ISBN: 9780531252284

Provides information about the Inca empire, discussing how the Incas survived in the mountains, how the empire was built, and why it disappeared, and looks at the city of Machu Picchu and the emperor Sapa Inca.

1438 C.E.,  agriculture,  Andes mountain range,  architecture,  Argentina,  arhaeology,  artifacts,  Bolivia,  Chile,  communication,  corn,  Cusco,  Equador,  Francisco Pizarro,  history,  Inca,  Inca Empire,  language,  llama,  Machu Picchu,  Peru,  potatoes,  Quechua,  quinoa,  quipu,  quipus,  Sapa Inca,  South America,  Spanish,  sun god,  Tawantinsuyu,  terraces,