The 1619 Project. Born on the Water

By: Nikole Hannah-Jones,  Renée Watson, 

Age: 9+  | Published by: Kokila

ISBN: 9780593307359

Stymied by her unfinished family tree assignment for school, a young girl seeks Grandma's counsel and learns about her ancestors, the consequences of slavery, and the history of Black resistance in the United States.

"ours is no immigration story",  1619,  abuse,  America,  American identity,  ancestry,  Atlantic Ocean,  Black Girl Magic,  Black Lives Matter,  Black resistance,  crimes against humanity,  cruelty,  culture,  dance,  discrimination,  education,  Europe,  fight for equality in the law,  freedom,  generations,  grief,  history,  hope,  humanity,  joy,  Kimbundu,  Kingdom of Ndongo,  language,  laughter,  law,  legacy,  loss,  love,  music,  pain,  prayer,  preserverance,  racism,  resolve,  slavery,  song,  stolen,  survival,  tobacco fields,  USA,  West Central Africa,