Smithsonian Math Maker Lab

Age: 4+  | Published by: DK Publishing

ISBN: 9780744027525

Get hands-on with 25 creative projects and experiments that will turn you into a math whizz. Explore the exciting world of numbers Whether you're a math geek or prefer practical hands-on projects, this book combines creativity with calculations. You don't have to be a genius or even need a calculator - each of the super-fun make-and-do projects in this book comes with simple step-by-step photographs and instructions that will help you whip up a cool math creation. Perfect for kids who are interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), Math Maker Lab features activities that cover many aspects of math, including numbers, measurement, and geometry. You'll combine art and math by drawing impossible objects, create beautiful patterns to make a times-table dreamcatcher, and perfect the ratio for making refreshing fruit drinks. Throughout the book, explanatory boxes show you how the math works and how the skills you've learned can be used in the real world. Math Maker Lab is the perfect package for curious kids who are interested in taking the mystery out of math.

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