Ride the Wind

By: Nicola Davies, 

Age: 2+  | Published by: Candlewick Press

ISBN: 9781536212846

A heartfelt story of a father and a son, of grief and reconnection--and an albatross who needs to find her way home. Javier has a secret. On one of his father's fishing trips, still hurting from the loss of his mother, he finds an albatross caught on the hooks--alive, if only barely. Against the orders of his father, who has been distant and disparaging, Javier smuggles the bird to safety and begins nursing it back to health. Every day the albatross accepts a little more food, but she shows no sign of wanting to use her wings. And if Javier's new friend refuses to fly, how will she ever find her way home? From award-winning author Nicola Davies, with dramatic watercolors by Salvatore Rubbino evoking the setting of Chiloé Archipelago, off the coast of Chile, comes a stirring tale of loss, loneliness, and the power of empathy.

albatross,  bird,  birds,  caring for other creatures,  empathy,  father-son,  fishing,  loss of mother,  Southern Ocean,  wandering albatross,