Jinx’s Magic, #2

By: Sage Blackwood, 

Age: 9+  | Published by: Katherine Tegen Books

ISBN: 9780062129949

Jinx knows he can do magic. But he doesn't know why he's being stalked by a werewolf with a notebook, why the trees are starting to take back the only safe paths through the Urwald, or why the elves think Jinx and the evil Bonemaster are somehow connected. Jinx's perilous search for answers takes him to the desert land of Samara, where, according to the wizard Simon, he just might find the ancient magic he needs to defeat the Bonemaster and unite the Urwald. But Jinx finds himself in a centuries-old conspiracy that places the Urwald in even greater danger. In this second installment of the Jinx trilogy, Sage Blackwood's daring hero is called upon to save the Urwald. The more he learns, however, the clearer it becomes that this quest will require more than the magic of a solitary wizard's apprentice, and soon he'll have to call upon all of the Urwald-witches, werewolves, wizards, and trees-for help.

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