Abe Lincoln’s Hat

By: Martha Brenner, 

Age: 4+  | Published by: Random House

ISBN: 9780525647171

Long before he became the 16th president, Abe Lincoln started out as a frontier lawyer. He resorted to sticking letters and notes deep inside his hat so they stayed handy. Adapted from the Step into Reading leveled reader of the same name, author Martha Brenner has revised and enriched her original text to include more historical material and resources for those who want to explore this captivating figure further. Illustrator Brooke Smart's clever art makes history more appealing than ever. Including both humor and painful, hard-hitting American history, this new edition traces Lincoln's evolution into a compelling commander-in-chief during a contentious time in our nation's history. Young readers will be intrigued!

16th U.S. president,  1809-1865,  1863,  Abe Lincoln,  abolitionist,  American Civil War,  change,  Emancipation Proclamation,  ending slavery,  lawyer,  USA,